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They did it again!

They started talking about the Brazilians Ricardo Mello, Rafael Camilo and about being in the semifinals! This means that there will be finals and I will be left behind again!

At least, my sister Stephanie was here with me. She playing Wii and I sleep! Great!
Not fair!  See who is all excited in the audience!


Walking in the park without me

Yesterday morning everyone woke up and made ready to leave. Since we’re on vacation, I thought we’d have some fun. They dressed in clothes that usually use to go to the park. All as I dreamed. But Mom said I could not go this time, because dogs are not allowed at the event.
When they returned, I smelled his clothes and sneakers and my suspicions were confirmed. Went to my second favorite park. Then I saw these pictures.

São Paulo Open – Parque Villa -Lobos

Silly humans! 😥