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Prayers for Brazil

We are so sorry and sad to hear about the tragedy caused by heavy rains since last week in our country, especially in the states of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. Cities were destroyed, a high number of victims and thousands displaced due to floods and landslides. As for us furry, many animals were abandoned in the hour of despair. Many are in shelters, waiting for their old owners or someone who can give them a new home. Our thoughts and prayers are with all victims and displaced persons, their families and friends.

Pray for Brazil.

Thanks,  Thor

Time to go outside

It’s raining again! Lots of rain! In everywhere! OMD make this rain stop!

Well, we went for a little walk in the neighborhood.

Then we went to buy pizza.
Stephanie gave me the pizza crusts, as usual.
Nom… nom….nom. 😀