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Wordless Wednesday

Walking in the park

Hi Everybody!
Thanks for your good thoughts and prayers for the people and pets in Brazil. We’re ok and keep praying for everyone.
We had some difficulties connecting to the internet.
Mom is back to work after a little vacation.
Yesterday we went to the park.
It was drizzling, so I had to stay on leash.
I met Lara.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Back to the dog park

Hello Everydoggie!

Where are you, buddies?
Hey dad, how about them?
Whew! Finally a friend!
This boy is Fred!
Hey pal, why don’t we say hello to those girls?
I am thirsty!
I sniffed something interesting here!
Pretty girl!
Thor, come here to rest in the shade.
My, how I missed it all!