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June 12

Jack turns five months old today.
He is not more that so little boy!
He has all your vaccines taken.
He just got your tag.
He can walk with me everywhere.
The world is so big for him now!
I wil get him to the dog park.
And tell him about the good and the bad boys. And introduce him to my best friends.
He is my Best Buddy. Although he can be a little pest sometimes.
He is a great tug player.
He got his space in this family, in the big bed and on the couch oh no!
The bro I ever wanted.
And he is so lucky to have a golden bro. Oh Gosh, I am so patient and I have a golden heart oh yeah!



May 7

Confessions of a puppy



May 6


Wordless Wednesday

Playing tug of war

I don’t pull the rope hard, so the little one thinks he can beat me!

Just relaxing!