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Thanks a lot for all your happy birthday wishes! I had a great one – Thor

We have great news to tell you!
From now on, we will be posting on my old and dearest bloggie. That’s right, we’re going to back to Blogger. Mom hasn’t learned how to use the wordpress platform but we’ve had a nice experience with it.
Please update our blog address to Thor and Jack’s Stories .
We can’t wait to see you there! Thanks for following our stories here and there.
We love you all!

Thor, Jack and Mom

Happy Birthday Thor!

We were alone.

 Today we were home alone. My sisters went to the aquatic park with the school people. Mom came home from work and she was so proud of her boys!  Everything was the way it should be. She got a bone to each one and lots of  hugs and kisses!

Hi Guys!

Thor here. First , I want to thank you all for your wonderful comments in my previous post. I love you all too! And I’m feeling much better now!

My peeps has been very busy even on weekends. My brother Jack is going to school. Our parents are taking him to obedience classes. In his first class he was very excited and barking to all. He is still very excited and barking to all. Today was the 2nd class.

Obedience – First class.Dad, the coach( the one with the cap) and Jack.

There was lots of dogs and their hoomans.

I did that training too when I was a puppy. And I did that very well!

Have fun, little Jack!

Jack met a beautiful BC, Luna! Lucky boy!

Isn’t she lovely? Jack is saying.

They had a great time!

Watch the video! At this stage, dogs and owners should go close to the obstacles to become familiar with agility equipment (slalom, jumps and tire). Dad was so excited he did not obey the orders of the coach and made Jack overcome obstacles. Jack was very good, hehe. I think Dad also needs some obedience classes.

Nobody loves me.

Nobody sees me! Everyone in the streets, in the parks and in everywhere has eyes only for my little bro. Jack is so cute, beautiful pup, that’s just what I hear all the time. Even the flash beast chases Jack now. I’m here too guys!

This is my reality right now.